Asian pear description


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Produce Spotting allows you to share your produce discoveries with your neighbors and the world! Is your market carrying green dragon apples?
Asian pear description
Kosui Asian Pear - One Green World
Description Asian pear
Type and size — small to medium tree, about 15 feet Hardiness zone — Exposure — full sun to some shade Soil — pH 6.
Description Asian pear
Are they apples or pears? Like apples, they ripen on the tree and have a crisp, firm texture, but they have juicy, white flesh with the flavor and fragrance of pears.
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Nashi or Asian pears are totally different to the European pear, Pyrus communi. The Nashi are either Pyrus pyrifolia , P.
Description Asian pear
The tree itself grows vigorously and produces a moderate crop annually. Pyrus pyrifolia Site and Soil:
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Description Asian pear
If you are thinking of planting fruit trees, here are some reasons why you should and where to begin on our website.
Description Asian pear

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Asian pear description

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